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Learn how to write human and SEO friendly blog posts for your business – with more clarity and ease.

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Write human and SEO friendly blog posts for your business – with more clarity and ease


The Blog Magic Workbook is brimming with tips and tools to help you navigate the hard parts of business blog writing, and to save you time and brain power by bringing together the tools and information for your blogging process.

Blogging is such a powerful way to

  • Build community awareness of your brand
  • Offer value-packed content that engages your audience and builds trust
  • Give search engines important information for SEO (search engine optimisation) visibility – and bring people to your website
  • Build a strong community who deeply understand and love what you do. And, who will keep you in mind when they need a product or service like yours.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the process of writing regular blogs…

You’re not alone!

There’s a lot of moving parts to bring together a blog post that’s ready to publish. And, let’s be honest – it’s not everyone’s piece of cake. 

  • Coming up with fresh topics takes time and energy
  • There’s a fair bit of research that lovingly goes into each blog 
  • And, working out how to structure posts for people and for search engines can be a headache. 

Sometimes all we need is a little reassurance and a flexible structure

If you’ve been asking yourself ‘do I really need a blog anyway?’, and you’re really keen to make it happen, the workbook offers you a process to follow. 

Who’s the workbook for?

The Blog Magic Workbook is perfect for:

  • Time-crunched entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small biz owners who are writing their blog themselves, and want a clear structure to follow (with space to come up with your own process – cause we’re all a little different)
  • Folks new to blog writing who want to learn and develop their blog writing skills
  • Anyone looking to write audience-driven content that appeals to your reader and Google.

It might not be for you if you’re

  • Looking to outsource your blog to a copywriter or content writer (they’ll have their own process) 
  • An experienced blog writer with your own process that you love to bits
  • Purely focused on keyword filler content – this resource is focused on writing for humans first, with a simple introduction to some basic SEO best practice tips.

What’s inside?

Inside this 17-page blog post PDF workbook, you’ll find:

  • Why blogging is important
  • 10 core ingredients (tips) every blog needs
  • How to structure your blog post (including SEO basics like your H1’s, H2’s and more)
  • A blog post writing template, and space to create your own (because we all work a little differently)
  • 2x BONUS resources
    • BONUS 1: Share your blog with confidence checklist
    • BONUS 2: Topic ideas list to get you started (and space to brainstorm your own).

You’ll get

  1. 1x PDF file of the Blog Magic Workbook (perfect if you love to print a physical copy)
  2. 1x Editable PDF file of the Blog Magic Workbook (perfect if you love to fill in workbooks on your laptop or tablet)
  3. Please note: you’ll be able to download your files up to 3 times. I recommend saving them somewhere safe as soon as you get them, so you’ll always have access.

Please note: Due to this being a digital download, refunds are typically not available as outlined in my Terms and Conditions.

About the creator

There was a point not so long ago, where sitting down to write my blog posts felt overwhelming. 

I flip-flopped over topic ideas, my thoughts got traffic-jammed before they could reach the page, and I ended up just not doing it. 

I also saw the struggle my clients were facing to make their business blogs happen. 

And the truth is, regular, quality blog posts are a super important ingredient in building your community and helping your website to gain organic traffic. 

Establishing a clear structure has allowed me to find my flow again, to enjoy blogging, and to feel increased confidence that what I’m putting out into the world speaks to my community and to Google. 

I’ve distilled this structure into the Blog Magic workbook so you too can find your blogging clarity, ease and confidence.

Hi, I’m Jas, Ethical Copywriter and Founder of Word Wizardry. With a background in creative writing and human psychology, I’m passionate about the power of human-to-human copywriting to build meaningful business relationships and create positive change in our world.

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2 reviews for Blog Magic Workbook

  1. Geraldine

    I’m new to writing blogs. This answered a lot of my questions. A great introduction to the essentials in one place. Love the flexibility to fill the workbook in on my computer or to print it. Thanks!

  2. Shannon (verified owner)

    I often think of ideas for blogs but get stuck putting them onto paper. This guide is really helpful at showing the steps in an easy-to-understand way. I can’t wait to get writing!

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