Ethical Copywriting

for Purpose-Led Businesses

“Jas has a beautiful way with words.”

“The result was well worth my investment.”

“Jas seamlessly matched my tone of voice.”

Word Wizardry is a copywriting business for purpose-led brands.

Ready to ditch the word juggle with done-for-you copy that meets your growth goals and honours the heart of your brand?

Are you here?

Words got your mind whirring?

  • You didn’t start your business to spend all your time and energy marketing it.
  • You built your purpose-led biz to make a positive impact on animals, planet and people.
  • You don’t have time to be head copywriter, content researcher, SEO enthusiast, social media manager, keyword strategist…and all before you even put pen to paper.
  • You dream of dropping the word juggle and getting back to the business of actioning your vision for change.

So, you’ve set out to find a copywriter. But not just any copywriter. Someone who can sort your why, how, what and who into clear and compelling copy. Copy that honours the heart of your brand and speaks directly to your audience.

And you’ve landed here in my cosy corner of Google. Welcome 🙂

Think of me like your human Pensieve (hello Harry Potter fans), freeing your mind of word jumble. And, turning that word jumble into a clear and compelling message entirely targeted to your audience and your goals (and Google).

Have a brand new business? Currently learning ALL the things? Amazing! Find out what a copywriter is here.

Have we met? I’m Jas, Founder of Word Wizardry…

Values-led copywriter, lifelong word nerd…

And an experienced communicator with a 10-year Social Work career in my toolkit.

And, I LIVE and BREATHE words.

I’m on a mission to humanise clunky copy into natural, relatable words that work hard so you can take a breath.

As an ethical copywriter, I write words that sound like you and align with the heart and values of your brand. Words packed with personality and value (and zero shady sales tactics).

My passion is putting the person back into your marketing for copy that connects.

Am I the ethical copywriter for you?

Word Wizardry delivers copy that is:

Word Wizardry Banish sleazy sales copy
  • Done for you – say goodbye to the word juggle
  • Written for humans – specifically those humans who are your ideal audience / customer
  • Written by an experienced copywriter – who has also lived and breathed human communication during 10 years as a social worker
  • Values-aligned and trust-building – no icky, bad vibes, pain-pushing words here
  • Infused with SEO and common sense – written for people plus Google meaning your business can be found and understood by both
  • Proofread and edited – ready for you to hit publish
  • Guided by your business growth goals – thoughtfully crafted to meet your growth goals by respectfully engaging your people.

Feel nervous about someone else writing your copy? I hear you.

When you invest in a copywriter, you want to know that they will:

  • Care about your brand and respect your audience
  • Write words that sound like you and are aligned with your brand
  • Write like a human (not a marketing machine)
  • Hand you ready-to-go copy without the hair-tearing hours spent juggling words.

Word Wizardry was created for purpose-led people like you, seeking words that meet your growth goals and honour the heart of your brand.

Kind words from happy folks…

“I was blown away by how seamlessly Jasmin’s work fitted in with my voice and tone.“

Jasmin is so thorough with her research, has a beautiful way with words and is easy to work with.

The process has been so convenient – super quick and easy. 

I would recommend Jasmin. Her work standard is incredible, she’s been a pleasure to deal with.


Ways you can work with me…

Word Wizardry Jasmin Copywriting-min

Copywriting Services

  • Website copy
  • Blog posts
  • Email newsletters
  • Sales emails
  • Product descriptions
  • And more…
Word Wizardry Results

Case Study Writing

  • Evergreen endorsement for your product / service
  • Repurpose into dozens of separate marketing materials
  • Powerful proof of the benefits of doing business with you.
Word Wizardry Jasmin Copywriting at Cafe

Business Packages

  • Affordable business content packages
  • Establish your own inviting patch of Google and get eyes on your business without breaking the budget.

What’s the process?

If working with a copywriter has been in the too-hard basket, it’s time to simplify it.

You don’t need to have everything figured out before you work with me. In fact, most people don’t.

Part of my job is to support you to identify what you want to say, how you want people to feel when they experience your copy and what you want them to do next. 

My proven copywriting process is clear and collaborative to save you time. 

1. First up, we chat…

And create a project brief, giving me a strong understanding of your project and your business, audience, tone & style. 

2. I research & draft…

This includes researching your brand, target audience, objectives, key messages & competitors. Draft is produced in a designer-friendly format.

3. Revise, & job done!

Draft is sent to you for review. Two rounds of revision are included in a project. Finished copy is delivered to you. Job done!

Some of the amazing businesses I’ve worked with…

Word WIzardry: Woods For Cats Logo
Word Wizardry: Genki Pet Logo
Word Wizardry: All About Everly Logo
Word Wizardry: Ethics and stuff Logo
Word Wizardry: 365Actions Logo
Word Wizardry: Counselling and Wellbeing Centre Logo

Have more questions?

Being curious is welcome here…

Have a question but not sure you want to talk just yet? Check out some common questions other people have asked.

Word Wizardry acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Australia, recognising the continuing connection to lands, waters and communities. I pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures; and to Elders past, present and emerging.

Word Wizardry is welcoming of all people, celebrating the beauty in diversity, while recognising the pain of the past.