Dynamic Mental Health Content

Mental Health Copywriting that sounds like you,

builds rapport & inspires meaningful change.

Written by a trauma-informed ex-Social Worker

with 10+ years of industry experience.


You’re making impact everyday – supporting others to live their most fulfilling lives.

I support you to share your impact, online.

Together, we will translate your values, empathy and experience into connection-focused copy that sounds like you, and feels effortlessly engaging.  

You care deeply about creating a welcoming and therapeutic space for healing. Let’s make sure your marketing reflects all the phenomenal work you’re doing.

My approach is simple

Your business words need to reflect your tone, your style and your brand.

They also need to resonate with your ideal client, and be optimised for search engines.

All of this is simple when…

  • I work closely with you to understand your values, mission, goals, tone, and audience, and
  • Combine these insights with my skills in mental health, copywriting and search engine optimisation

…to craft website words, blog posts, social media captions, emails and case studies that connect.  

Word Wizardry Ethical Freelance Copywriting

By placing empathy and impact at the heart of your marketing, you can stand out in a noisy online world, and connect to your dream clients.

What tasks could be taken off your list if you hired a mental health copywriter?

Blog posts? SEO research? Updating website words? Social media captions? Email sequences? Case studies?

As a copywriter for Social Workers, Counsellors, Psychologists and Therapists

I specialise in writing human-centred, inclusive, evidence-backed, and SEO-friendly copy that:

  • Spreads awareness and amplifies your brand
  • Communicates what you stand for and who you serve
  • Puts your business in front of the people who are searching your expertise
  • Seamlessly weaves the evidence-based essentials with warm, insightful and welcoming language
  • Inspires your ideal clients to reach out and start a conversation
  • Frees your energy and mind space to focus on what you do best – holding therapeutic space and stewarding meaningful change.

Frequently requested services

  • Monthly Blog Post Packages
  • Website Copywriting
  • Email Sequences
  • Copy Editing

Once your sessions, case notes, reports and meetings are done, what if you could switch off your computer, step away from the desk, AND have ready-to-publish content that’s written by a human-centred and SEO trained copywriter with industry experience?

Get dynamic mental health content

without typing another word.

Let’s talk words.