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Build trust and credibility, without the awkward…

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Ever feel like your marketing materials are a not-so-humble brag fest?

It’s uncomfortable, it can feel sales-y and all round a bit yuck.

This is one of the reasons why many businesses use case studies in their marketing.

Combining real-world results with social proof, a good case study will do a LOT of the heavy lifting for your business sales.

A case study gives your business…

  • Evergreen endorsement – evidence without an expiry date
  • Marketing material – repurpose one case study into dozens of separate marketing materials
  • Proof that takes prospective customers from ‘maybe’ to ‘I’m ready to buy’ because they can clearly see how your product / service helped someone in the same situation.

A case study goes far beyond a testimonial or review by providing prospective customers with credible, relatable proof of the benefits of doing business with you. 

In other words, with a case study you can show results vs just telling someone about them. Much more compelling. [Insert self into dream scenario here] compelling.

And it’s not icky-feeling, because it’s truth, straight from the mouth of someone who has directly experienced a great outcome from your product / service and found it to be the bees knees.

What people say…

“We were so happy with the case study and loved the way Jasmin wrote it.

We’ve now decided to set up a dedicated case study section on our website. We’re excited for Jasmin to write us another one.”

livia lubyova | Founder & director | woods for cats

As a certified case study writer, I help business owners like you, capture your results and win new business directly from your customer success stories.

Certified case study writer & Graduate of Proof Sells by Tamsin Henderson.

What is a case study?

A case study is a document presenting the:

  • Challenge (your customer faced before they discovered your product or service)
  • Solution (transformation your customer experienced thanks to your product / service)
  • Results (your customer achieved after using your product or service).

Repurpose multiple ways…

Case studies are multipurpose – once written, you can split them into dozens of separate content pieces, saving precious time and money for other priorities.

I can guide you on repurposing your case study creatively.

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