Ever wish for true-to-you copy that gives voice to your creative vision without the ‘cringe’ of status-quo marketing?

That’s what I do!

Welcome, creative heart

I’m so glad you’re here! I believe you have so much magic to share with the world. Your story matters!

Let’s get to know each other, shall we?

Jasmin from Word Wizardry

Hey, I’m Jas Harrison (she/her)

Brisbane-based ethical and creative copywriter and the founder of Word Wizardry

And, I’m on a mission to support multi-passionate folks in business to get seen, heard and thriving through magnetic copy that connects.  

As a multi-passionate creative myself, I’m not here to tell you how to do your thang! Instead, I’m here to co-create WITH you as we paint pictures with words so your dream customer can find you, fall in love with you, and buy from you! 

If you’re stuck trying to find the right words, or just don’t have the time (or energy) for your business copy…

It’s time to share your magic, your way…

Is curiosity your middle name? 

Still wondering who this person is who’s so passionate about creatives getting all the Googley love we can get?

A bit more about me…

From the moment I could read and write, I read and wrote anything and everything. Literally.

And my ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ dream? To be a writer!

Yet, the narratives of the world crept in – you know, those that say writing or being a creative is a nice ‘hobby’ but ‘it doesn’t pay the bills’. Cue a slight detour…

Because, alongside my love for the wizardry of words, a passion for people and psychology was also brewing.

And so, I spent the first 10 years of my working life as a trauma-informed social worker. Across these years I delivered trauma and grief counselling, managed services and, of course…wrote.

I’ve now had the joy of bringing both passions together to create Word Wizardry.

Here I support purpose-led businesses, like yours, to make positive change in the world through the magic of good words.

Built upon core values of empathy, honesty and respect for all people, I’m determined that Word Wizardry strike a path of ethical and human-centred communications. This is a space to be curious and questioning – a place to rewrite narratives – a place to share the unique magic you bring to the world.

Here for you, empaths, creatives and curious-hearted humans!

The Formal Bit…

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (English and Sociology) and a Bachelor or Social Work (AMHSW). I completed my formal copywriting training with experienced copywriter, Tamsin Henderson, and I’m also a Certified Case Study Writer and a graduate of Kate Toon’s The Recipe for SEO Success course.

Am I the ethical copywriter for you?

Word Wizardry delivers copy that is:

  • Helpful and personality-packed
  • Written for humans – specifically those humans who are your dream community
  • Honest and transparent – no one likes to be misled
  • Respectful – of the real people who are at the other end of your marketing – respecting their intelligence, their diversity and their choices
  • Values-aligned – it actually sounds like you!
  • Packed with SEO goodness and common sense – written for people and for search engines, so your audience can find you online
  • Written by an experienced copywriter – who has also lived and breathed human communication during 10 years as a social worker
  • Proofread and edited – ready for you to hit publish.

Empathy – Honesty – Creativity – Respect – Imagination – SUSTAINABILITY

Values and ethics

I believe the practice of copywriting comes with the responsibility to hold respect for your intended audience, and to put the person before the sale.

I’m sure you’ve experienced reading an ad or an email and cringing at the obvious and sleazy sales tactics jumping off the page.

It leaves a bad taste…and it doesn’t work.

Marketing and sales can (and should) be based on respect.

Respect for the real humans at the other end of our communications.

Respect for their intelligence, diversity and their choices (even if that means buying from someone else).

Striving to do business more ethically is a practise, and often involves trying out new ways of doing things.

That’s why I’ve committed to the Ethical Move.

With strongly aligned values, they provide a pathway for continued learning, growth and accountability.

We can’t possibly get everything right 100% of the time, however each of us in our daily interactions has the opportunity to make the world of business kinder and more inclusive.

And, to put people back front and centre of all of our communication – rather than the end goal being just about that sale or new follower.

And, to do this, we need to be able to talk about it, have a go, get it wrong sometimes, learn together and celebrate our wins.

The Ethical Move Badge

I put the person before the sale.
I respect you and your privacy. I will help you make the best choice for your needs, not my own.

I communicate inclusively, truthfully, and clearly.
I will not confuse you or hide information from you. I will help all audiences feel welcome.

I take responsibility for my part in changing the marketplace.
I recognise the need to break the cycle of consumerism. I will continuously review my sales and marketing to ensure they benefit the common good.

I count on you to hold me accountable. Please connect with me if you see me not honouring my pledge.

Writing to you from Brisbane, Australia

Based in Brisbane, Australia – I work with folks around the world.