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How to Write Business Boosting Content When You’re Not a Writer: Free Tools.

You don’t need to be a confident writer to write confident content for your business.

Rulebook, meet Window.

If the rules of grammar and trying to remember whether it’s ‘i before e or e before i’ have left you with a headache…yup…it’s mental gymnastics.

And, the good news…no GREAT news is that you actually already have something far MORE valuable to bring to your content than the grammar rulebook.

What is it? It’s…


So many successful small biz brands are successful because their content reflects the personality and values of the humans behind it.

And who does your brand need to reach? Humans.

Those humans (your ideal audience / customers) aren’t searching for an academic paper on your business. 

They ARE searching for a sense of who you are, what it will look and feel like to engage with you, and how to do so.

So, let’s shake off any lingering language-fears…*shake*…that’s better…and boost your copy confidence with these quick tips…

Content Confidence Essentials

Before you write anything down, you must first know:

  • What you’re offering & why (what is your product or service, and why did you decide to offer it?)
  • Your audience (who are they, what are they struggling with and how will your offer solve this struggle for them?).

Great, jot that all down. And now to write your content…

Add in a sprinkle of these juicy free tips and ideas

1. Get some words down on paper:

Don’t worry about how good they are, this is just brainstorming and getting rid of blank-page woes. It’s often much easier to come back and make changes than starting from scratch. 

2. Write as you would speak (conversationally):

Once you have your draft words, read them out loud to yourself…do they sound like you? Would they make sense in a conversation with someone?

3. Use short, simple words and sentences:

To check how easy your draft is for someone to read. Get your readability score for free at: hemingwayapp.com

Replace difficult words or jargon with their simpler variations. Find simpler word versions for free at: plainlanguage.gov

3. Tell the truth – no need to exaggerate or over-sell your products / services.

4. Have a helpful headline:

80% of people will only read a headline…so it has to do a lot of the heavy lifting to get clicks into your content. Check how scroll-stopping your headline is with this free headline analyser: coschedule.com/headline-analyzer

5. Make your content more about your audience & less about you.

I have covered this in more depth in the blog post linked below, including a simple way to test how customer-focused your content is https://word-wizardry.com/how-customer-focused-is-your-copy/

6. Have fun with it…it doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to be you.

With these free tools in your corner, your content will be ready to connect and engage your audience.

“Using these free tools and remembering that my content is a conversation, has helped me to get past my fear of doing it wrong. My customer’s have responded well, which has given me confidence to keep going.”

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