How to write clear and engaging above the fold copy on your website

Do you know what to write above the fold on your website, or are visitors leaving confused?

What is the above the fold section of my website?

Sitting directly below your header (the area with your logo and menu buttons), your above the fold should be immediately visible when someone loads your web page. 

The words you place here are some of the most important words you will write for your website.

History: The term above the fold, was originally used to describe the content/stories that appeared on the top half of a newspaper (above where it’s folded). These top stories were visible without having to pick up or unfold the newspaper, just like the words at the top of your website are visible without scrolling.Β 

Why does my above the fold need to be clear?

Your above the fold section is prime website real estate. Because it’s visible as soon as someone arrives on your site, you need to use it wisely. 

The reality is, you only have a few seconds to let someone know they’re in the right place, before they decide whether to stay and read more of your site, or move on to someone else’s.

So, what do I include in my above the fold section?

To get the most out of your above the fold make sure you include the following information:

1. What you do (your primary product/service)

2. Who you do it for (your ideal customer)

3. How to get involved (a clear call to action button)

BONUS: Add in a short quote testimonial highlighting some social proof of how you’ve helped someone else achieve their transformation.

Keep it short and sweet. Your above the fold should be easy to skim read. 

*Keep your keywords in mind when crafting your above the fold copy, so you get all the SEO goodness from it that you can. 

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Quick recap

Does your above the fold show at a glance what your business does, who it does it for and how to get involved?

Happy writing!

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