Alchemise Your Testimonials


Collect & alchemise your testimonials into meaningful & magnetic copy (that almost writes itself)!

Writing Copy that Connects

How to Gather and UNLOCK the Power of Your Testimonials to Write Customer-Centred Business Words

As busy business owners who care deeply about our communities, how can we write copy that truly connects with hearts and minds… whilst removing the guesswork and reducing research time and overwhelm?

A large part of achieving this lies within the voice of customer research you gather before a word of copy is even written. 

A lot of voice of customer research tips will have you trawling Reddit forums and FB groups for the golden nuggets of insight that tell you:

  • the language of your audience
  • their challenges and desires
  • the burning questions they have, and
  • the results/outcomes they are looking for. 

Now, don’t get me wrong – you can learn a lot from these forums and groups. However, if you collect (or plan to collect) quality customer testimonials, they can be even more impactful for your business and your messaging. 

This is where the power of a good testimonial comes in. 

A great testimonial is a winning way to connect with more potential clients or customers. More than this though, quality testimonials give you invaluable (write-your-copy-for-you) voice of customer insights.

Honestly, the amount of time, research and guess work that they can take out of trying to write your copy is PHENOMENAL!

A simple and repeatable way to ask for meaningful testimonials and alchemise them into magnetic words for your business

This guide includes:

  • A PDF resource that gives you a simple and repeatable process for asking for testimonials (including the exact questions I’ve used in my business), and
  • A process for distilling that feedback into useable voice of customer insights that simplify your messaging and add immense value and insight to your copy

Would you like to:

  • Reduce the hours you’re spending deep diving Reddit forums and FB groups?
  • Spend less time trying to guess at what people are thinking, feeling and saying about your products or services and get clear on these foundations of your business messaging?
  • Increase your confidence to ask for testimonials?
  • Have a process to unpack your testimonials into the elements that can support you to write copy that connects with your audience?


✨ Alchemise your testimonials ✨

What’s included?

  • A 13 page e-book (PDF) filled with tips for setting up a simple and repeatable system to get meaningful feedback and testimonials from your clients / customers. 
  • Access to a Google Sheets resource for alchemising your testimonials into the ingredients that will help you to write magnetic copy for your business (with more ease and less time spent trawling through online forums).  

You will be able to download the playbook files up to 2 times. I recommend saving them somewhere safe as soon as you get them, so you’ll always have access.

Learn how to:

  • Ask for meaningful testimonials in a structured way
  • Alchemise these testimonials into your copywriting (or share with your copywriter when they ask for your voice of customer data).

Please note: Due to this being a digital download, refunds are typically not available as outlined in my Terms and Conditions.


Hi, I’m Jas, creative SEO copywriter and the human behind Word Wizardry.

With a background in creative writing and human psychology, I’m passionate about the power of human-centred copywriting to build meaningful business relationships and create positive change in our world.

Thank you for your interest in my creative work.

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