What is it like to work with Word Wizardry?

Project – copywriting and copy editing services for a special project by a social enterprise communications agency

About the business: Little Mountains works with brands to harness their essence and express themselves in ways that move mountains and make waves.

Here’s what Founder, Matisse Walkden-Brown had to say about working with Jas, founder and ethical copywriter here at Word Wizardry. 

What doubts did you have before hiring Word Wizardry?

At first I was worried about hiring a copywriter in general, as I was convinced that the framing, tone and direction of my content was locked away in my own head alone. I didn’t think it could be extracted, simplified and brought together. I was wrong about that.

What did you like best about the experience of working with Jas?

I loved the streamlined process, the quick but thorough turnaround, how you exceeded schedules. I loved the simplicity of the interaction, and also your ability to accommodate my needs – especially in how I wanted to deliver the draft and outline to you (which in my case, was verbally via recorded zoom sessions). 

What is important for other businesses to know about Word Wizardry’s services?

Words are your greatest asset when it comes to selling or communicating what it is you do. Sometimes those words are best phrased by someone not too close to the project. Jas had the ability to really articulate what was important and declutter the rest.

How was the communication throughout the project?

Your communication is excellent – professional, friendly and reliable. I absolutely love how you deliver your work. It’s really clear and I was able to quickly relax knowing my thoughts were in good hands and that I didn’t need to try and micromanage the situation. 

How has this copywriting work helped you / your business so far?

Your work has helped my business move closer to its goals as you helped me put together my biggest offering and then be able to sell that offering.
However, most importantly, you have helped my livelihood because the last few months had the potential of being out of control and busy for me. Instead I was able to delegate to someone more equipped than me, and spend more time with my babies.

Were you pleasantly surprised by a particular aspect of working together?

I think all of the above – the speed and reliability, and the way you were able to capture so much in a short timeframe.

What would you recommend to others about Word Wizardry’s copywriting services?

Oh anyone with a big overwhelming written project … I am sending them your way!

Keen to find out how Word Wizardry can support your business with creative ethical copywriting? Get the scoop here, or reach out for a chat.

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